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14200 Kilometers Hawaii - South America Submarine Cable System Started to be Built

Recently, Alcatel-Lucent Submarine Network Company and Ocean Network Company have announced that it planned to build a 14200 km submarine cable connecting Hawaii to South America.

Headquarter of Ocean Network Company is located in the United States which is submarine cable system developers served for the government, carrying, content providers, and research on education community service.

The undersea cable is called south Pacific interconnection submarine cable system, which will  connect Hawaii, Panama, Balboa, the Chilean capital of Santiago, providing broadband access services to the Pacific rim of new capacity.

This cable system will also provide a diverse path connecting from the center of Hawaii to the US West Coast, and also provide a low latency path from Central and South America to the Asia-Pacific region, especially to the path of the Australia and New Zealand.

South Pacific submarine cable system of 100 GBPS has three sets 10Tbps capacity of optical fiber. Through branch device, the system can also be used to further interconnect Ecuador Manta, Lima, Peru, Chile Arica and Hawaii's Big Island.

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