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AAAC(All Aluminum Alloy Conductors)

AAAC (All Aluminium Alloy Conductors)
AASC (Aluminium Alloy Stranded Conductors)

Bare homogeneous AAAC is concentric-lay-stranded consisting of aluminium alloy wires wrapped helically around a central aluminium alloy wire. It is similar in construction and appearance to AAC conductor.
AAAC conductor has many advantages. For example, higher strength to weight ratio than AAC conductor, better corrosion resistance than ACSR conductor, lower power losses than equivalent aluminium layer conductor, more simple accessories.
The aluminium alloy stranding consists of 7, 19, 37, 61 and 91 wires.

AAAC is extensively used in overhead electric power transmission and distribution lines which required suitable mechanical strength and electrical conductivity.
AAAC is suitable for the long spans network.

Manufacturing Standards
GB/T 1179-2008, IEC 61089, EN 50182, DIN 48201 Part 6, BS 3242, ASTM B399, NF C 34-125

Specifications for AAAC Cable

ASTM-B399 BS3242 DIN48021 SS424 0814 IEC60189
Akron Box 16mm² 31mm² 16mm²
Alton Acacia 25mm² 62mm² 25mm²
Ames Almond 35mm² 99mm² 40mm²
Azusa Cedar 50mm² 157mm² 63mm²
Anaheim Fir 70mm² 241mm² 100mm²
Amherst Hazel 95mm² 329mm² 125mm²
Alliance Pine 120mm² 454mm² 160mm²
Butte Willow 150mm² 593mm² 200mm²
Canton Oak 185mm² 774mm² 250mm²
Cairo Mulberry 240mm² 910mm² 315mm²
Darien Ash 300mm²   400mm²
Elgin Elm 400mm²   450mm²
Flint Poplar 500mm²   500mm²
Greeley Sycamore 625mm²   560mm²
  Upas 800mm²   630mm²
  Walnut 1000mm²   710mm²
  Yew     800mm²
  Totara     900mm²
  Rubus     1000mm²
  Araucaria     1120mm²
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