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Caribbean's Longest Submarine Cable

Next week, Telefonica will complete finishing work of the Caribbean's longest, largest submarine cable power lines located in Puerto Rico. This line will provide fiber optic submarine cable interconnection among United States, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama and other countries.

"Many Internet centers are located in the United States, but only four interconnections in Portoria connecting there.", said by Guillermo Cañete, Telefonica technical plan and transportation manager, "With this new submarine cable meant to open a new path to more frequency, it also greatly increases the connection secure. Certainly, this means more choice, more competition, better quality and lower prices in the end. "

Submarine cable transmission capacity is 80Tb / s, starting in Florida, expected to arrive at Isla Verde in Puerto Rico by the end of next week. The specific time certainly depends on sea and weather conditions.

This is one of the Caribbean's longest submarine cable, length of 6,000 kilometers. Five large regional enterprises cooperate to construct this project. In addition to connect Puerto Rico and the United States, the Pacific Caribbean submarine cable also makes Isla Verde become the key link, and brings huge Internet capacity for the Pacific coast of Central America and Latin America.

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