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High Temperature Cable

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Yiteng Cable Technology Hebei Co.,Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of cables, including:

Aluminum Alloy Cable with or without Armor and Interlock,
Control Cable with Multi-Cores,
Computer Cable with Individual and General Shileding and PE/ PVC/ XLPE Insulation,
Shielded Cable or Screened Cable,
ABC Cable in Aluminum for Overhead Application,
Power Cable with PE/ PVC/ XLPE Insulation and PVC Sheath and Armor,
Rubber Cable for General Purposes, Welding Machines or for Mining,
Armored Cable with Steel Tape or Steel Wire Armor,
PVC Cable with PVC Insulation and PVC Sheath,
Low Voltage Power Cable,
Medium Voltage Power Cable,
Fire Resistant Cable and Flame Retardant Cable,
High Temperature Cable, including silicone rubber insulated cable and Teflon insulated cable,

Besides, Yiteng Cable also produce cables of customers' special requirement.
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