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Low Voltage Power Cable
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Yiteng Cable Creates a Better Life For People

In social news reports, the fire occurred due to the aging wires everywhere, and fires often caused bereavement. The reason is mostly the aging of wire or low quality of wires itself. The reason of wire and cable aging, most of them are external damage, wet insulation, chemical corrosion, overload long run, cable connectors failure and so on. In addition, the environment and temperature can also cause wire aging.

Authorities had found a large number of substandard products in checks of wire and cable products, consumers who has used such products are prone to take risk of an electric shock, resulting in serious consequences. Even more incredible is that some products which are in order to reduce the cost price to reduce the length of the wire, and these poor quality products has planted many hidden dangers to the power system is operating normally . Yiteng Cable., founded in 1995, is specialized in wire and cable research and development, production and sales of large-scale joint-stock enterprises, is a key high-tech enterprise in Hebei Province. The company has the advanced technology and equipment more than 100 sets, and the company has cooperated with many domestic universities, research institutes to set up a technology center for the development of new products. The company is mainly engaged overhead wires, power cables, electrical equipment, wire and cable and other cable products design and development, manufacture, marketing and service.

Yiteng Cable is widely used in electric power, petrochemicals, railways, civil aviation, metallurgy, electronics, construction, and selling all over the world which are trusted by the users. The main products include 35kV and below power cables, overhead insulated cables, control cables, mining cables and bare conductors. Meanwhile, Yiteng Cable has serviced for every province, people used market and power engineering systems. Yiteng Cable will continue to adhere to four first: customers first, credit first, quality first, service first, and will be dedicated service to the community.

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