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Aluminum Alloy Cable

Aluminum Alloy Cable is AA8000 series aluminum alloy conductor material, using a special type of roll forming line twisted power cables production process new materials and advanced technologies such as annealing inventions. Alloy power cable to make up for past deficiencies aluminum cable, although not increase the conductivity of the cable, but bending properties, creep resistance and corrosion resistance, etc. has greatly improved, to ensure that the cable in a long time to maintain a continuous overload and overheating stable performance, the use of AA-8030 series aluminum alloy conductors, can greatly improve the conductivity of aluminum cable, high temperature resistance, while addressing the aluminum conductor, creep and other issues. Conductivity of aluminum is 61.8% of the most commonly used reference material such as copper IACS, the carrying capacity of copper is 79% better than standard aluminum. But in the same volume, the actual weight of aluminum is about one-third copper. . Therefore, the same weight of aluminum cable ampacity is about half copper. Aluminum alloy cables replace copper, can reduce cable weight, lower installation costs, reduce equipment wear and cables to make installation easier.

Aluminum Alloy Cable
Aluminum Alloy Cable Features:
Shaped extruded aluminum alloy conductor
Flame retardant XLPE insulation
Corrugated polyester tape wrapped
Aluminum interlocking armored sheath
PVC or polyolefin sheath sheath
5000V and above using the . Outer shield
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