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Bare Copper Conductor

If you need Bare Copper Conductor,we can supply our products to you.
1.General description about   hard drawn bare copper conductor, the unmatched quality and unbeatable performance has also attracted customers to opt for the same. Customers are also facilitated with the availability of Wholesale Copper Wire at the most advantageous deals.
2.hard drawn bare copper conductor widely used in      
Annealed copper wires are primarily used for grounding in commercial ,industrial, residential and utility application,Used for passive tracer wire ,Used in overhead transmission and distribution systems .Used for grounding grid systems.
annealed cu stranded conductors are developed for high tolerance for vibration and expansion. They are used as connectors in different electrical appliances because they are flexible and allow for expansion. Similarly they have much better ability to sustain jolts of vibration. Each client can have his own set of specifications based on the use he will put the wires to and we usually conforms to these.
Bare Copper Conductor
3.The installation of   hard drawn bare copper conductor,When connecting conductors , the conductor near to the connecting tube can`t be prominent . Otherwise , the force on the operating conductors will be unbalanced after connectors are pressed , the connecting tube should be plated by moistureproof paint in order to protect from corroding . Under installation , the arc downing stress of all the conductors at home distance of the ground and across building can be 10-15% higher than regular tension.
4..What is the advantage of using a    hard drawn bare copper conductor  over a solid copper conductor?
It would of course depend on the specific application. Current tends to travel on the surface of a conductor and a stranded conductor has more surface area and thus offers less resistance to the current. Stranded wire also bends a bit easier than the corresponding size solid wire.
Stranded copper wire is composed of many small gauge wires in order to make a large conductor. Presence of thinner conductors makes the stranded wire more flexible and solid in comparison to the other wire of same diameter. With the strength, reliability and durability of copper wire the stranded wires have become preferred choice for the builders.
Moreover the stranded wire is more economical and is considered to be more flexible than the solid copper wires of similar cross-sectional area. The problem of mechanical ruggedness in the case of solid cable is also over come here because stranded copper wire has relatively lesser surface area that is been exposed to environmental corrosives. The stranded wire can be use with mush ease in the application and places that require bending and even the repeated bending. Owing to the superior flexibility stranded copper wire rates high when it comes to wiring the circuit boards, headphones or any other connections that requires moving joints as well as tight bends. Beside this they are typically used as the residential wire as the flexibility allows easy bending and can be pulled out easily by conduit.

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