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Rubber Cables Usage

H03RN-F,H05RN-F,H07RN-F rubber cables are designed to supply power to low voltage appliances including electric motors and submersible pumpsin deep water installations as well as many other types of electrical equipment.its extraordinary flexibility and mechanical strength, the Xtrem H03RN-F,H05RN-F,H07RN-F
cable is ideal for power transmission in both fixed instalation or mobile service. The nominal voltage up to 1000 V.
Maximum service temperature: 90ºC.
Usage: Industrial use / Mobile use / Robotics / Temporary site i...
The rubber cable apply for power transmission for watercrafts or buildings above water and they are suitable for information or voice transmission for watercrafts or buildings above the water, and for connecting instruments or control equipments of ships.
These cables are also used for connecting electrical equipment such as kitchen,appliance, cookers, soldering irons and vacuum cleaners, for low medium mechanical loads.
Rubber cable is constructed with a heavy duty HOFR outer sheath which is heat resisting, oil resisting and flame retardant.It is designed to be used in dry and damp places, in open-built plants, under heavy conditions, in mobile motors, electrical trains, agricultural tools and plants, clear water plants.
1  Rated voltage 300v/500v,450v/750v or 0.6/1kv
2  Flame-retardant IEC 60332-1-2 and IEC 60332-3-22
3  DA: test for single insulated wire and cable
4  SA: test for bunched wires and cables
5  NA: Fire-resistant
6  SC: Smoke emission Halogen-free
7  NSC: Fire-resistant Smoke emission Halogen-free
8  Conductor: copper, aluminum, tinned copper or cca
9 Maximum Conductor temperature +85 °C
   Minimum recommended installation temperature -15 °C
   The rubber sheath temperature rating is -30°C to 60ºC (85ºC max).
   Lowest operation temperature -40 °C  
10 Test voltage: 2000 volts(H05BQ-F), 2500 volts(H07BQ-F}
11 Flexing bending radius: 5 x Ø
12 Fixed bending radius: 3 x Ø
13  Flexing Temperature: -40º C to +80º C
14 Fixed Temperature: -50º C to +90º C
15  Short circuit Temperature: +250º C
16 Flame retardant: IEC 60332.1
17 Insulation resistance: 20 MΩ x km
 Rubber cable’s usage
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