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Shielded Control Cable

Shielded Control Cable is an electrical cable in which the conductor and its surrounding insulating layer have been encased in one or more conductive shields. These are usually made from metallic foil or braided wire. A protective jacket typically forms an outer layer. This works to minimize the electromagnetic interference (EMI) emitted and received by the cable.


1.10mm2 cable
2.PVC Insulated and Jacket 
3.CCC Certification


1.Voltage Uo/U 450/750V

2.Long-time working temperature should be lower than 70°C, should not be lower than 0°C.

3. When there is any short-cireuit occurs (lasting time less than 5s), the maximum tmperature of the cable will not exceed 160℃. 
Shielded Control Cable


Strandard: TICW/02-2009
Voltage: 450/750V

Specification: 2-37 Cores 1.5-10mm2

Length: 500M 1000M

Shielded Control Cable Application

This products can be fixedly laid in various environments such as indoor, aerial, cable conduit ortunnel for power transmission and distribution 1 line project, with rated A/C U/ou being 450/750V or below. 
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