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Special Welding Cable

The high grade of flexibility in this cable facilitates use of the welding tool and avoids the formation of knots in the cable that could cause the conductor to break internally.
Special welding cable has been specifically designed to transmit high currents between the welding generator and the electrode. It can also be used in automatic welding machines, transport belts, and assembly or production lines, such as automobile assembly lines.
Flexible electrolytic copper conductor
It is a 100/100V Low Voltage cable, designed from an extra-flexible electrolytic copper conductor, class D according to UNE 21027-6. The separator is made of polyester tape, and the outer sheath is made of black rubber (type EM5).

Reference norms
The special welding cable, specific for welding, is a high-performance product submitted to the strictest quality controls during its entire production. The welding cable adheres to the reference norms, applying the national norms / European UNE-EN 60332-1 and IEC 60332-1.

Properties of the outer sheath
The properties of the vulcanized rubber sheath permit its use outdoors. This sheath also protects the cable against damage from chemical products, such as mineral oils or hydrocarbons. The welding cable water resistance is AD3 (aspersion), and its impact resistance is medium (AG2).
Due to the quality of its materials, sheath thickness and the conductor’s flexible formation, this cable allows for a bending radius of five times the outer diameter.

Lastly, it stands out that the sheath’s meter by meter marking facilitates supply to the distributor, simplifying stocking and replacement.

Use temperatures
This cable can be used starting from a minimum service temperature of -25ºC, and up to a maximum conductor temperature of 85ºC. The maximum short-circuit temperature is 250ºC, for a maximum duration of 5 seconds.

The flame-retardant quality of the special welding cable contributes to the improved general safety of the installation.
If you wish to receive a catalog of the special welding cable and its corresponding quality certifications, request the rubber cables catalog from your regular welding Cable sales representative or send an email to
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