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We Can Supply Aerial Bundle Cable

Areas with large trees and branches falling on lines are a problem for aerial bundled cables as the line degrades over time. Due to the very large strain forces cracking and breaking insulation can lead to short circuit failures which can then lead to ground fires due to dripping of molten insulation.

Aerial Bundle Cable has already been developed in several countries across the globe and promises to be cheaper, safer, more reliable, require less tree clearing and pruning, be more aesthetic, be less labor intensive, require less maintenance and eliminate bushfires being initiated by conductor clashing.

Aerial Bundle Cable Application: 
Aerial Bundle Cable ( ABC cable ) has characters of power-transmitting and strong mechanical. In comparison with bare wire, aerial bundle cable (ABC cable) boasts many advantages, such as:small span in laying, higher safe reliability, better atmosphere aging resistence property. Aerial bundle cable has the priority to be used in urban and rural power-transmitting construction project.

Aerial Bundle Cable Advantages
Relative immunity to short circuits caused by external forces (wind, fallen branches), unless they abrade the insulation.
Can stand in close proximity to trees/buildings and will not generate sparks if touched.
Little to no tree trimming necessary
Simpler installation, as crossbars and insulators are not required.
Ease of erection and stringing, less labor intensive, less construction resources needed.
More aesthetically appealing.
Can be installed in a narrower right-of-way.
At junction poles, insulating bridging wires are needed to connect non-insulated wires at either side. ABC can dispense with one of these splices.
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