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soow cable sjoow rubber cable

soow cable Features 

stranded copper wire conductor 

annealled copper purity 99.99% 

AWG:  20- 4/0 or as per requirement 

core number: 1-37 cores 

EPDM insulation  Neoprene sheathed 

oil proof wather proof 

working temperature -40 deg c to 105deg c 

working voltages: 600V AC 

UL listed rubber cable 




soow cable

SOOW Advantages 

oil proof,  flexible and weather resistance 

working temperature -40 deg c to 105deg c 

UL listed rubber cable 

soow cable benefit :


the cable has been widely used on spcial power supply transmission 

such as cold storage contanier , marine , vu tense seaside electrical recharger


Soow cable packing and shipping 

305meters per coil then on wooded pallet


soow cable : MOQ 2440 meters   8 drums

leadtime: sample within 7 days

bulk goods lead time 25-30 days 

soow rubber cable Data sheet and catalogue  

rubber cable soow

soow cable

soow cable


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